How recyclable are textiles?

Spinning and Textile Seminar 2024The aim of future developments in the handling of textile waste must be to minimize landfilling and downcycling and to increase the proportion of fibres recycled for further textile processing. Mechanical fiber recycling is currently more cost-effective than thermomechanical or chemical recycling, as the fiber structure is retained.

However, compared to the processing of virgin fibers, there are considerable problems along the entire processing chain from collection to the new textile product. The seminar examines the recycling value chain from sorting used clothing to the new product from a practical perspective.

Possible topics include:

  • Bremen Cotton ExchnageOptions for targeted collection
  • Sorting options and problems
    • By fiber type
    • By pure materials and blends
    • By color
  • According to soiling
  • Handling fiber blends and elastane components
  • Possibilities for processing mixed fibers
  • Foreign matter, soiling
  • Deterioration of fiber properties due to processing
  • Spinning vs. nonwoven production
  • Optimized virgin fibre content
  • What quality can be achieved
  • Dealing with the given dyeing
  • Decolorization, dyeing, finishing
  • Feasibility and economic efficiency
  • Possible, sensible product range