The 2024 seminar speakers

Spinning and Textile Seminar 2024It gives us great pleasure to announce this year’s ITSB speakers. All of them are experts in their respective fields. As part of the internationals conference over the following days, the presentations are intended as an introduction and supplement to the lecture blocks on the circular economy, recycling and quality assessment and control.

The focus is on sustainable processing technologies for natural fibres that make it possible to produce and process textiles without noticeable changes in quality. These include, for example, innovative dyeing technologies that reduce water consumption, energy-efficient production processes and, of course, low impact logistics for taking back used clothing and household textiles.

The Speakers are:

    • Mr Amon Krichel, ITA Augsburg Recyclingatelier / TexAid: Circular economy in the textile industry through automated sorting of used textiles
    • Ms Katja Wagner, Turns GmbH:  From the return of used textiles to new yarn
    • Ms Annabelle Hutter, Säntis Textiles: Fibre recycling for a low impact textile value chain
    • Mr Gaetan Vogel, Decathlon: Product recovery and recycling
    • Mr Hermann Freericks, Thies Dyeing Machines: Practical solutions for the production of quality yarns with recycled content in finishing
    • Further speakers will be announced

The lecture moderators:

  • Mr Axel Drieling, Faserinstitut Bremen e.V., Member of the Executive Board
  • Mr Christian P. Schindler, International Textile Manufacturers Federation, Director General
  • Mr Stefan Schmidt, Industral Association for Finishing – Yarns – Fabrics – Technical Textiles, Head of Departments