Spinning and Textile Seminar 2024

(Updated: March 11, 2024)

Schedule International Cotton Conference Bremen 2024The 2024 Seminar will look at the recycling value chain from collection and sorting to the new product from a practical perspective. The challenges posed by the “new” raw materials will be among the topics discussed.

How does “waste” become “material” again?

One of the key challenges is sourcing sufficient quantities of high-quality recycled fibers. The availability and quality of these materials can vary and are not yet consistent, which makes planning and production more difficult. How can this challenge be solved quickly and reliably?

Recycling of waste material along the textile processing chain

Date: Tuesday, March 19, 2024, 14.00-17.30
Place: Bremen Cotton Exchange, Wachtstraße 17-24, 28195 Bremen, Germany
Room: 406
Language: English
Admission: FREE
Organizers: Bremen Cotton Exchange, Fiber Institute Bremen, ITMF, IVGT
Registration: https://textileseminar.com/